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What is medpath?

medpath provides the Filipino nurse with all the tools and solutions they need throughout their career. It is the modern way that nurses get hired.

Driven by technology, we uphold four central values in our committment to nurses: we are a digital career builder and a center for online training and certification, we have an exclusive benefits program, and we’ve created a supportive community and provide close mentorship for our nurses.

We want to address all the key issues that come with hiring nurses & healthcare professionals and transform the entire process into being rewarding for nurses as well as effective & efficient for employers.

Who can join medpath

Nursing students, underboard nurses, registered nurses, anyone interested in the general space of the nursing profession, as well as any healthcare professional (medical technologists, therapists, radiologists, and the like) can join medpath. Hospitals, clinics, and any institution that is in need of healthcare professionals may also join medpath through our Employers portal.

For Nurses

Do I have to pay to join medpath?

No. A medpath profile is completely free of charge for nurses.

Are there international jobs postings on medpath?

Yes. Overseas jobs are now available on medpath. Stay updated by joining our newsletter for different openings.

How can I join?

Simply create an account and accomplish our comprehensive questionnaire so that we can show you the most fitting opportunities based on your career level, skills, goals, and work preferences.

I’m not yet a registered nurse – can I join medpath?

Yes! Underboard nurses are very much welcome at medpath. Even nursing students or high school students looking at a future in nursing can join the platform. Create your free account today.

For Employers

Why should we hire nurses through medpath?

medpath is an effective and efficient way for hospitals or any institution to hire nurses. We provide solutions to hospitals’ key problems when it comes to the recruitment process.

As a result of our vetting process, hospitals receive higher quality pre-screened applications that are only from licensed nurses. The whole application process is 4x faster through medpath – we pledge a 24 hour turnaround time for screening, and 1 week for scheduling an interview.

We are completely committed to optimizing the whole nursing process by providing employers the necessary support and assistance.

Can we hire only nurses on medpath?

medpath has now expanded to making jobs available to any healthcare professional, including (but definitely not limited to) medical technologists, radiologists, sonographers, therapists, and the like.

How can we join medpath?

Sign up on our platform and schedule a product walkthrough session for your team.

What are your subscription plans?

Schedule a call with our team so that we can get in touch regarding pricing, and which plan is best fit for your hospital or facility.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we are making free trials available for institutions interested in hiring nurses through our product.

For Partners

Who can partner with medpath?

We partner with various institutions that are in the business of being able to assist nurses in any capacity at any stage of their career. This includes (but is definitely not limited to) review centers, language centers, insurance companies, counseling centers, even retail shops. If your company provides a service or creates a product that Filipino nurses can benefit from, we are open to partnering with you.

We want to have a partnership/collaboration with medpath – how can we sign up?

Thank you for taking the time to look into a partnership with medpath! If you are interested in collaborating with us, please do send us an email so that we can get in touch and set up a meeting.

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