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Purpose of the position
This position will provide healthcare services and support to all employees in the company. It plays a crucial and a specific role within the organization and responsible in promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of employees. The company nurse helps to ensure the overall health and safety of employees, leading to increased productivity and a positive workplace environment.

Key Tasks

Company Nurse

  • Providing medical care: Administering first aid, assessing, and treating injuries or illnesses, and providing basic medical care to employees.
  • Health promotion and education: Conducting health screenings, promoting wellness programs,and educating employees on health and safety practices.

• Managing medical records: Maintaining accurate and confidential medical records for employees, including documentation of treatments, medications, and follow-up care.
• Emergency response: Being prepared to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace, including coordinating with emergency services if necessary.
• Occupational health and safety: Collaborating with management to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, conducting risk assessments, and implementing preventive measures.
• Employee support: Providing guidance and support to employees regarding health-related concerns, including referrals to appropriate healthcare professionals when necessary.
• Collaboration with healthcare providers: Coordinating with external healthcare providers, such as doctors and specialists, to ensure appropriate care for employees.
• Administration: Managing medical supplies and equipment, maintaining inventory, and assisting with administrative tasks related to employee health and safety.
• Preparation and timely submission of OSH-mandated reports such as but not limited to WAIR

• Assist in the Health and Safety Committee of the company by driving its initiatives and projects.
• Drive HSE monthly lectures to all employees

  • Spearhead the clinic management projects as included in the yearly calendar of events such as the Annual Physical Examination (APE) for all employees, Health and safety events, Executive Check-ups (ECU) for managers, etc.
  • Assist company doctor during employee consultations.
HR Administrative Assistant

  • If needed, assists in planning and preparing employee activities such as but not limited to engagement site-wide activities, OSH lectures, team-based activities, etc.
  • Other duties and functions as may be assigned by the line manager

Decision Making Authority

  • Managing medical supplies and replenishment

Skills & Competencies

• Medical knowledge: Strong foundation in medical knowledge, including an understanding of common illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions; should be able to assess and provide appropriate care for employees’ health concerns.
• First aid and emergency response: Should be trained in first aid and emergency response procedures; should be able to handle medical emergencies and provide immediate care until further medical assistance is available.
• Health assessment and monitoring: Should be skilled in conducting health assessments and monitoring the overall health and well-being of employees; this may include conducting health screenings, monitoring vital signs, and identifying potential health risks.
• Health promotion and education: Company nurses play a crucial role in promoting and educating employees about health and wellness. They should be able to provide guidance on preventive measures, healthy lifestyle choices, and disease management.
• Communication and interpersonal skills: Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential for a company nurse to interact with employees, understand their health concerns, and provide appropriate guidance and support; should be able to communicate medical information clearly and empathetically.
• Documentation and record-keeping: Responsible for maintaining accurate and confidential medical records of employees. They should have good organizational skills and attention to detail to ensure proper documentation and record-keeping.
• Collaboration and teamwork: Company nurses often work as part of a larger occupational health team or in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. They should be able to work effectively in a team environment and collaborate with others to ensure comprehensive employee health management.
• Good communication skills: Preferably English (oral & written)
• Possesses integrity and responsibility
• Proactive and able to work in diverse environment and culture
• Creative, resourceful, and resilient to changes especially to organizational changes i.e.Company merging and acquisition

Educational background / Work experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing / PRC-licensed nurse (required)
  • BOSH / OHNAP certified (advantage), if none, the company will provide mandatory training (training bond may be applied)
  • Experience in a BPO or shared service industry (advantage)
  • Experience in the logistics industry (advantage)
  • Actual experience in handling a middle to large-sized organization (for future expansion)
  • Direct experience in a corporate set-up (advantage)
  • Flexible to work in any work shift (including mid and night shift when needed)
  • May be required to work during weekends and holidays (if needed)
Computer Literacy

  • Proficient in MS Office (especially MS Outlook and MS Teams)
  • Knowledge of any HR Information System (advantage)
Job Overview
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