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Nailing the Interview

Interviewing for the job could be a determining factor for your application. It’s an important opportunity for you to present yourself beyond your resume. What’s written on paper doesn’t always translate, so let your personality and voice come through during the interview. The whole process could be intimidating, but with proper preparation and planning, you […]

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An Outstanding Nursing Resume: How to Write One

The world of healthcare moves at a competitively high speed, and it’s easy to get lost in the hiring process. Thus, for aspiring nurses, writing a resume is a crucial task. You should be able to present yourself in a few short pages in such a way that employers immediately see your edge and want […]

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A Guide to Employee Benefits

In work-speak, benefits are essentially non-wage compensation that employers write into workers’ contracts on top of the salary or base pay. Benefits are a form of incentive and can make one offer more attractive than another, so they should be part of the things nurses like yourself consider when evaluating different jobs.  In this guide, […]

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