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We at CIIT continue to promote high-quality, industry-based teaching. To this day, we continue to manage a faculty that consists mostly of active industry
professionals, enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge and equipping their students with practical skills. Apart from our staff, we constantly update our programs to
ensure they are relevant to current trade needs. We have partnered with renowned industry players such as Adobe Systems, Autodesk, and WACOM, among others,
for the latest software and learning tools. As an education provider, we cater to both students and business clients , providing high quality and affordable training in Multimedia Arts and Computer Science. Our corporate clients include business names such as IBM and URC. We offer short courses as well, to those who wish to
improve their skills in Digital Arts. These consist of Digital Photography, Web Design and Development, 3D Animation, Video Editing and Special Effects, and Game Programming.

As one of the few local schools that offer a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts, we allow our students to specialize in different fields, focusing either on Graphics
Design, 3D Visualization, or Video and Motion Graphics. With our varied offers, we stay true to our core values. We offer the best industry-based teaching by hiring top experts as mentors and using the latest tools and software for learning. Our website contains helpful materials on Computer Science and Multimedia Arts
education. Feel free to browse through our pages for other details you want to find or may have missed.

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