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About the Company

Pasig Doctors Medical Center aims to be the trusted healthcare institution of

nearby communities and municipalities. PDMC is gearing towards promoting

excellent services and wellness in line with the needs of our patients.

Located in the midst of Barangay Manggahan, Pasig City.  PDMC will continue its

growth and development as we work with multidisciplinary staff and professionals

to provide consistent high quality care that is appropriate and accessible to patients.

Pasig Doctors Medical Center is equipped with 64 slice CT Scan machine, X-Ray machine, Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer,

spacious Operating and Delivery Rooms, Heart Station, Female Wellness Center, 9 Hemodialysis Machines and Laboratory

with Drug Testing Equipment.

The PDMC is also has 80 bed capacity varies from Suite, Private, Semi Private and Ward Rooms.

Even though that PDMC is a private hospital, the vital challenge has been to ensure that our services are equitable and accessible to all.

We should be able to provide quality services to all who need them, whatever their socioeconomic backgrounds.

Despite the gains and developments achieved over a year, still PDMC will continue to maintain, improve, and add on to our existing health care facilities to address the changing health care needs of those who come to us.

Compassionate and competent human resources since healthcare is primarily anchored on human-to-human intervention.

Mission Vision


To our patients, we are committed to provide excellent healthcare and wellness promotion by highly-competent and compassionate professionals apt to the needs of our community.

To our healthcare providers, we are committed to provide the most relevant equipment and tools for patient care as well

as professional growth.

To our stakeholders, we are committed as partners in suitable healthcare and wellness promotion for the benefit of our community.


By 2020, PDMC will be the best provider of healthcare services, the best place to work and the best environment for

training and research.

Core Values


In PDMC, while the quality of care is uniform, care can be customized according to the patients’ needs and values.

Patient-centered care has been shown to correlate positively with better recovery and better emotional health.

Dynamic Collaboration

PDMC encourages multi-disciplinary approach to patient care with the goal of creating a positive patient experience for our clients.

Mastery of Service and Competency

In PDMC, we provide scientifically-sound medical treatment to our patients. This is accomplished with our staff adept with the knowledge of established, as well as, evolving biomedical, clinical and epidemiological sciences for the effective treatment of

health problems and the promotion of health.


In order to provide a more comprehensive care to our patients, professionalism is complemented by kindness, sensitivity

and being responsive to our patients. We treat each patient with compassion, empathy and respect while honoring

their cultural and individual values.


PDMC staff incorporates their personal, professional, moral and ethical values to guide their practice with actions that

supersedes self-interest.

Company Overview
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