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The Pros of Travel Nursing

Travel nurses, as their name implies, go around the country (or even the world), filling positions in any facility requiring short-term roles. Most travel nurses work for bigger companies that essentially focus on finding locations with nurse shortages and assigning a nurse to that location.

This article presents some of the perks that attract nurses, especially in the United States where this type of practice is gaining more and more popularity. 

Versatility & variability

Travel nursing by nature is highly flexible. Every job will be different from the next – duration, location, environment, people… This characteristic of travel nursing is particularly appealing to nurses looking to advance their career quickly, since they’ll be thrown into a variety of settings in only a short period of time. 

Great pay

The comparably higher pay of travel nurses to regular staff nurses of course makes the practice very desirable. Because a vacant nursing position is normally high priority and urgent, travel nurses who are able to heed the call immediately are compensated accordingly. 

Dynamic social life

New places will always come with a new set of individuals to meet. Making lots of new friends and networking extensively are pluses for lots of nurses. This is a bonus as some of these new friends might even be your connection to a new job or opportunity.


It goes without saying that travel nurses will have plenty of independence and control over what comes next in their careers and beyond. Travel nurses may even pursue different fields when in between jobs. Taking time off for one’s self or family and friends is certainly a bonus that comes with travel nursing.


Getting to go and see new places will enrich a travel nurse’s life with invaluable experiences and life lessons. Each new job will be a chance to learn more about yourself and the world, which not everyone can say about their jobs.


If you are a Filipino nurse looking to move to the United States or Canada for work, travel nursing is what’s hot right now and you should definitely consider looking more into how it works.


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