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If you are looking to work overseas, there are many documents and visas you have to obtain. Although applying in the US as a worker from overseas does not require you to have legal counsel when applying for an immigrant visa or green card, there are numerous circumstances in which you having access to a lawyer will be extremely beneficial and far more efficient.

Assistance in obtaining a visa

It can be challenging to determine which is the best or fastest visa to get since a nurse may be eligible for a number of visas or green cards. The attorney can assist in determining which visa best fits the requirements of both the employer and the employee.

Valuable previous experience

Hiring a professional who has handled similar tasks for thousands of other clients is invaluable. Knowing the law is one thing, but understanding how to support your clients’ success is quite another.

Avoid making expensive mistakes

If you make a mistake when applying, your application may be rejected and your visa request denied. Mistakes can be costly financially. You might save money by applying for an immigration benefit on your own, but if you make a mistake, you might end up paying more to hire a lawyer later on to try to salvage your case. An experienced immigration lawyer should be retained as soon as possible so that they can evaluate your situation and advise you on your options.

Making sure your job offer is legitimate

Compared to the average American, immigrants have a harder time obtaining a job in the United States that is legal and pays a living salary.

You can get assistance from an immigration attorney when applying for jobs, speaking with human resources staff, and looking for work. Because you are an immigrant, it’s possible that you are not aware of all of the job-search resources available to Americans. Fortunately, your immigration lawyer is, or at the very least can put you on the right path.


There are often several processes and paperwork to complete in any immigration procedure, which is why they are never straightforward. In particular, if English is not your first language, you could feel lost and out of your element. Whatever your goals are, a knowledgeable immigration lawyer can guide you through this complex process step-by-step.

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