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Holidays are some of the few times of the year when families and friends meet up and enjoy good food and laughter. However, due to many healthcare professionals taking the days off during the holidays, the hospitals are often understaffed. With this, nurses may end up having to work during these days. In this article, you could find out how you could still enjoy the holidays despite having to work shifts.

Plan in advance.

It is common for nurses and other healthcare professionals to work during the holidays, so it is important for you to expect to work on some of these days. With this, make sure to inform your family or friends about your work schedule during the holidays, or if possible, ask them if you could have your holiday parties during the days when you do not have work. This will allow you to enjoy the holidays, and at the same time accomplish your professional tasks.


Christmas is one of everyone’s favorite holidays, and one of the best parts of the season is decorating our homes with Christmas trees, Christmas socks, tinsel, lights, and other festive decorations that will make us feel the Christmas spirit. 

If you will have to work during the holidays, why not bring the Christmas joy with you. Hang some decorations in your workplace to make the place feel a little more festive. In fact, it could even help distract your employees and patients from the fact that they are spending the holidays in the hospital.

Besides, the true spirit of Christmas is love, and what better way of showing your love to your patients by treating them and making them feel better from their sicknesses.

Show gratitude.

As mentioned, Christmas is about love, so it is important to spread joy and gratitude to those around us. You could bring gifts for your co-workers or you could have an awards ceremony in your workplace, and thank them for all the hard work and dedication they put in their jobs. This could help them feel the joy of Christmas, even if they have to work during the holidays. 

Prepare Christmas games.

What’s a Christmas party without any of the Christmas games we love and look forward to? Prepare Christmas games for everyone to enjoy! Some game suggestions are Santa Limbo, Christmas charades, Stocking guessing game, and Pin the nose on Rudolph. You may have different games in mind, but what matters most here is spending quality time with your co-workers, and enjoying the holidays.

Cheer your patients up.

You may be counting the time until you finish work, and get to go home and spend time with your family. However, your patients will have to stay in the hospital during the holidays, which may frustrate them. With this, maintain a cheerful attitude when talking to them, or even bring them a gift if you know they’ll be there. You may even contact their families, if possible, to make them happy. These may be small simple gestures, but it will truly go a long way. 

Plan a dinner with your co-workers.

Aside from the decorations, gifts, and games, it is no doubt that we all look forward to the food during the holidays. There is no need to skip the holiday dinner, just because you’re at work. You could suggest having a holiday dinner with your co-workers, even if it is just a simple one.  Each of you could bring your favorite food, and you could all share it with one another. This would definitely allow you to get into the Christmas spirit.


You don’t have to dread having to work during the holidays. In fact, you could celebrate Christmas anywhere, even at work. The suggestions above are only some of the activities that you can enjoy. Everyone may have different traditions during the holidays, so make sure to share your own holiday traditions with your workers and continue them even if you’re not at home. However, it is important that you keep in mind that the holidays are about spreading love, so don’t forget to treat your patients well and show gratitude to your co-workers. This will surely put a smile on their faces!

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